For many students who want tostudy abroad, the UK and Australia are the two most popular options they mostlyconsider. Every year, thousands of students come to these two countries forfurther studies, and many students choose to stay and continue their careersafter completing their studies. Deciding where to study abroad can be anoverwhelming choice, especially when there are so many destinations to choosefrom. The best option is to narrow down the location that interests you themost and then decide for yourself.

To choose the perfect destination, you can search by country, city, consider different courses, quality of education, reputation, fee structure, and see what it is like to study and live in that location. In this article, we will list down the pros and cons of these two countries to help you decide which countries suit you best.

Reasons why to study in the UK or Australia

Why study in UK?

UK universities are consideredone of the most prestigious not just in Europe, but also around the world.Students from Oxford and Cambridge University become the world’s leadingeconomist, entrepreneur, politician, lawyer, and physicians. The UK has a longhistory of excellence due to its combination of academic superiority and high-techmodern university research.

  • UK university standards are the best in theworld. The UK offers a diverse and flexible curriculum with excellentfacilities. Students are encouraged to study and learn independently which isquite different from education style in Australia. UK degrees are flexible thanAustralian degrees where students can decide a major subject and stick to it. Ifyou decide to studymedicine in UK, you can find the best medical universities in the UK. Moreover,if you wish to studyengineering in UK, you can study in any field of engineering across theUK.
  • Compared to Australia, courses in the UKeducation system are shorter and more intensive. This helps students tograduate quicker without compromising the quality. This also saves training andaccommodation time and money. Many international students have the opportunityto continue their undergraduateeducation in UK and work at the same time.
  • Universities are strictly monitored to ensurethe highest levels of teaching, research and learning. They also strive toprovide a safe, caring and supportive environment for all internationalstudents.
  • The quality of UK universities and colleges isassessed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The research criteria revealeda list of Bestuniversities in the UK offering a high level of support to internationalstudents.  
  • The cost of living in the UK is slightly moreexpensive than Australia, but the tuition fees are lower. In addition, you cancomplete a Master’s degree in less time, which makes it affordable.

Why study in Australia?

  • Australia has world-class universities. In the2013-2014 global ranking of universities of higher education, 19 Australianuniversities rank among the top 400 universities in the world. Australia has aclear structure of recognized qualifications and a reputation for faculty andresearchers that are effective and easy to carry around the world.
  • Students studying in Australia can study andwork up to 20 hours. There are many courses that offer students to dointernships and jobs as a part of their curriculum. This adds valuableexperience to their CV. Australia has a lower employment rate than UK, makingit easier for undergraduates and graduates to find jobs.
  • Australia is viewed as one of the safest studydestinations in the world. It has been found that the UK and US have highercrime rates than other countries.
  • One of the reasons why Australia is the bestplace to study is the amazing weather it offers throughout the year. Sandybeaches, clear water, relaxing climate conditions are just a few things whyAustralia is a good option. In contrast, the UK often has cold weather.

So the question remains, is UK better than Australia? Well, the choice of which country to study should be based on the analysis of the scholarship opportunity, tuition fees, accommodation expenses, etc. Of course, the decision comes down to wherever it is possible to study at the least possible cost. If you’re still unsure which country to go for, speak to a consultant for clarification. Wherever you study, you will have to research for a dissertation, so here is our guide on write a dissertation easily. Those, who are looking to improve their academic writing can browse our blogs to find out useful reading material.