Nowadays, college students face many challenges whenever they procrastinate their work. It is not only today’s problem when COVID is affecting, but their lifestyle that escalates those challenges. Besides, the lack of a can-do attitude is another reason why many students procrastinate. In this blog, we reveal the reasons for procrastination and the ways to avoid procrastination for students. So read on to find out how to excel in your studies without any delay.

Meaning and Origin of Procrastination

The term was taken from the Latin term “Procrastinatus”, which comprises two words: “Pro” and “Crastinaus”. The prefix “pro” means “forward” and the word “crastinatus” means “of tomorrow”. Thus, it is a perpetual or intentional act of delaying something.

Reasons for Procrastination with Online Studies

Every college student needs to find the reason behind his procrastination. If they are delaying their work, it can be due to their lack of insight for its worth. Following are the reasons for procrastination among the students.

  • The absence of amusement while studying,
  • Lack of motivation or self-contentment,
  • The whole online setup,
  • Distractions of surrounding and environment
  • Health issues and disturbed mind,
  • Absence of guidance,
  • Technical issues,
  • The behavior of family towards the student’s academics,
  • Inappropriate companions,
  • Unsettled aims among other reasons

Online System is Advantageous

It is easier to carry the stress of education when you have tips and techniques to carry it. It is not a rational act to escape the state by procrastinating when you can make efforts for your studies. The online system is frustrating for those who are not aware of its benefits. When students realize the advantageous aspects of online learning, it will excel their grades and learning. They just have to accept the responsibility and create a learning space to enhance their learning experience in online classes.

Avoid Procrastination with Online Study Tips

Every college student looks for tips to study online these days since all are studying from the comfort of their homes. Though the procrastination in the study not only occurs in online learning, it also occurs in physical sessions. Following are the tips for college students to study online without lacking motivation.

Awareness of worth of the study

The first tip for every college student either learning online or in a physical class is to know the worth of the subject. If it is not in your course outline or subject brief, ask the teacher. You can also search for it to learn how important a course is to clarify your perceptions.

Setting Goals

Studying online does not affect your grades when you are aware of your daily targets. If you do not have set any goals, now is the time to set without any procrastination. The experts at Royal UK Essay Writers suggest setting goals to move in the right direction. In this way, you can allocate enough time to each subject.

Resolve Technical Issues

One of the causes of procrastination is technical issues as well. It is one of the issues for which you can ask your family or peers to assist. They will certainly help you set up a stable internet connection, a Wi-Fi device, and other technical equipment. It will ensure that you learn and attend classes without any technical issues.


Another tip to avoid procrastination is to have a calm mind before taking online classes. For this purpose, you must feel relaxed before the class. It is only possible when you have all the things in place before attending an online class. For instance; watching anything, playing, singing, even dancing, eating, or talking. Everything is accepted but the point is that it makes you relax.

Isolated Environment

While taking an online class, it is very important to have a separate room that is free from any distractions. Hence, after sitting for an online class, you have to place yourself away from your surroundings and suppose yourself sitting in your classroom. This is the best tip for college students to avoid distractions and procrastination as it helps create harmony with their virtual learning.

Build-up your Interest

The awareness of the information you gain in your study also develops your interest in the study. The best way to study online is to take your lectures with great interest which also eradicates your procrastinating behavior. If you want to listen to any recorded lecture, you can do that to build up your interest.

Requirement of Motivation

The students must keep themselves motivated to learn and improve. One of the best tips to get motivated is to treat yourself after achieving your set goals. For instance, you can enjoy your time out with friends, watch a movie, play console with friends, or dining out.

Perfection of Health

Students in their age do not take their health seriously and that is the reason for the delay in their studies. Eating junk food, gaming for hours and a sedentary lifestyle is some of the reasons for laziness and procrastination with online studies. Make sure to eat healthily and engage in sports or do physical exercises to improve health as it also enhances your focus.

People around the student

Every college student must have a supporting family and friends who will motivate him, accompany him, and guide him in his studies. Distant yourself from friends, colleagues, and toxic people who distract you from learning and development. Having a company of individuals who help you stay productive and improve is one of the ingredients of success.

Healthy Environment

A healthy environment and inspiring artifacts or figures can have a positive impact on your mind and increase motivation. It also brings interest which fights with the intentions or habits of delaying the work. Whether you study online or in a physical class, one of the best tips to avoid procrastination is to have an uplifting environment. It can be any creative art, gadgets, painting, or decorative pieces that encourage you to do better.


To sum up, there are several reasons why a student procrastinates online studies. Nevertheless, there are solutions and ways to avoid procrastination. A student has to improve their mental, physical and environmental space while avoiding any distractions to excel in studies. Also, a student needs to set up goals and be selective of its surroundings that encourages and motivates to achieve and prosper.