Many students across colleges and universities have to deliver discursive essay writing as part of their homework. It is challenging to compose one if you don’t have any idea about its methods. Fret not, this blog features what is a discursive essay and also mentions the tips to write one. So without further ado, let’s get started with the discursive essay definition and its requirements.

Definition of Discursive Essay

This sort of essay requires an individual to reveal all the viewpoints on a topic or a debatable question. To put it simply, a discursive essay is a detailed composition of arguments, for and against to reach the conclusion or contribute to ideas so the discussion can be concluded. The discursive essay requires the unprejudiced opinion of the speaker or writer. Hence, after providing the argument, the speaker of the essay should revise his draft to avoid unbiased arguments.

Requirements of the Discursive Essay

A discursive essay requires logical and attention-catching arguments and conciseness, with appropriate usage of words. One can conduct research to compose arguments logically or do brainstorming to write effectively. After reading your essay, your readers should get the influence to argue and discuss your argument or idea.

Why Discursive Essay Writing is Challenging?

It is an issue to write a discursive essay accurately because it needs logical arguments and references to support the claims. Also, one needs to understand the methods to produce logical and accurate content for this type of essay. It is the responsibility of the teachers and professors to equip students with the sample discursive essay.

In this way, they can review and compose one of their own. It is very challenging for the students to write one without any guidance. Sometimes, self-reading material can make it more complicated. You can ask experts at Royal UK Essay Writers to help you with discursive essay. Besides, this article provides the best tips to write a discursive essay.

Best Tips for Writing a Discursive Essay

The examiner of the discursive essay mostly focuses on two things; the format of the essay, and the content that is settled and provided in the essay. Another feature that makes your essay more interesting is the discursive essay topic.

Tips for Producing Content

  • Produce your ideas and portray them clearly

The mind of the student is the main tool and helper of the student to produce a discursive essay. You need to brainstorm ideas, write them clearly and concisely. Each sentence of your essay must carry some worth and it must be meaningful.

  • Authentic references

For good discursive essay writing, you can use evidence from authentic sources, to prove the credibility of your idea. But that is not enough, for a good discursive essay writer. You have to connect your idea with that evidence by criticizing it either in a pessimistic way or in an optimistic way.

  • Usage of Words

The speaker of the discursive essay should avoid using words that are unclear to them. Because the diction of the essay is also noticeable to your readers. It is the words of the sentences that play the role of decorative elements of your writing and their incorrect usage can deteriorate your arguments.

  • Irrelevancy in ideas

The speaker of the discursive essay should also avoid using extraordinary and irrelevant ideas, to fill the essay with multiple ideas. Because, your readers will take away the knowledge from your essay; therefore, it must be accurate and relevant.

  • Providing Facts

The speakers of the discursive essay must be accurate with the facts and also present the references. In this way, it will ensure that the fact is borrowed from an authentic source and then you can base your argument on those facts.

  • Remain Unbiased

One of the best tips to write a discursive essay is to present both types of arguments to remain unbiased. The speaker must attempt to look at both sides of the picture and make his reader aware of that bifacial situation, as well. Because in this sort of essay the persona is not supposed to stick on one side of the situation.

Tips for Discursive Essay Structure

The structure of the discursive essay consists of the following significant parts.

  • Introduction and Conclusion

The introductory and concluding part is the most important section of any essay. The speaker must tell his reader in the introductory paragraph, what he is going to discuss in the essay. Secondly, for the conclusion, the speaker must wrap up his ideas and provide the last glimpse of his opinion. Another best writing tip for a discursive essay is to provide a concrete final idea of your essay in the conclusion. Most of the writers end up making a new statement in the conclusion and this mistake should be avoided in the conclusion section.

  • Body of the Essay

The body paragraphs of the discursive essay should contain; the question related to your argument or opinion, topic sentence, which we can refer it as a thesis statement of every paragraph. However, the speaker of the discursive essay must avoid using two questions and two topic sentences in a single paragraph. Because it can mess up the arguments in the essay. Make sure to maintain the individuality of your points in every paragraph as it will enact the role of subtopics.

  • Neutral Format of the Essay

The discursive essay format should also be neutral. Hence, one should follow the structure of placing the ‘for argument’ in one paragraph and the ‘against argument’ in the next paragraph. It will help you to remain neutral and support you against falling on one side.

  • Connecting Words

The sentences should be also structured with a rational method. For instance, for connecting two sentences you should be aware of the utilization of the words such as; like, and, but, also. If you want to show an opposite opinion in comparison to the first one, use ‘although, though, in contrast, or on the other hand’. For providing examples, you can use the phrase, ‘for instance.

Discursive Essay Topics Examples

You can select the topics for discursive essays that are very much debatable as they offer more information. Following are some of the best discursive essay topics to choose from.

  • The impact of social media on teenagers
  • Does Google have a transparent privacy policy?
  • Should video games be allowed for young children?
  • Does euthanasia be legal and allowed?
  • Should religion be taught in school?
  • School uniforms a good idea or not
  • Should animal testing be allowed or not


To sum up, discursive essay writing is a challenging piece of composition but it requires a particular method to write it effectively. Make sure to follow the discursive essay format and structure. One of the best ways to appeal to readers is to use effective discursive essay topics. Brainstorm your ideas and make sure to reference the ideas logically to make them more authentic.

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