The initial impression of your essay is very important. Consider the number of times you stop reading a piece of text because the beginning did not appeal you. This is a harsh fact about writing a good essay introduction– if you don’t get the reader’s attention right away, the rest doesn’t matter at all. So, here we feature some useful tips from experts on how to write an essay introduction that keeps the reader engaged.

Numbers Do Wonders and So do Facts – Startwith a fascinating statement

Whenwe say fascinating, we mean good opening remark or a fact. A good introduction paragraphmust draw the attention of the reader. How can this be done? It’s simple – youjust need to provide enough information to make the reader engaged. You can dothis with a famous quote, a shocking fact, an interesting statistic, a questionor an anecdote.

However, you must remember that not every opening is consistent with the type of each paper. Every essay introduction structure is different, if your essay is on a serious topic, your writing tone should be formal and the opening line should reflect the topic. Whereas, if you are writing an informal essay, you should consider a personal story, an anecdote, or even a joke. In the end, it all depends on the topic and ideas to be discussed in the paper.

Introduce your essay topic

What do you need toprovide to the reader so that they can understand the main points of your essay? Thinkof ways to narrow the topic in a few words and add this sentence to yourintroduction. The essayintroduction paragraph should help the reader understand the content ofthe essay. The beginning should not just appeal to them, but they mustalso know why you wrote the essay and how they benefit from reading.

An example of a good essay introduction is to provide a paperstatement. The paper statement is basically the outline of the essay, butit is summarized in one sentence. It will tell the reader what you willdiscuss in the essay and provide your personal opinion on the selected topic.

Leave the essay introduction for the end

The beginning is actuallywhat the reader will see first, but that doesn’t mean you should write itfirst. In order to be able to match the introduction to the tone of the rest ofthe paper, you may wish to leave the introduction for the end.

Write a conclusion

Once you have completedwriting the text paragraphs and body, you can begin writing the closingstatement. A conclusion is written to bring disclosure to the readers and leavea compelling and lasting impression on the readers. It is advisable to write a shortand concise ending paragraph. Writing excess information overloads the essayand carries a semantic load in the introductory paragraph. Avoid overstuffing ofcontent with long, lengthy phrases and complex terminology when writing a goodessay article.