If you are an international student living in UK (from the EU or anywhere in the world) or planning to move to the UK to study, we understand it can be a bit overwhelming – especially for first-timers in the UK. From visas to tuition fees, to accommodation to planning budget for student life, there is a lot to consider. Here are some great tips you can consider when you plan to study abroad in the UK.

8 Incredible Tips on How to Live In London as a Student

1. Visa and paperwork

The most important thing to check is the visa. Those moving to London as a student from the EU or other countries require a study visa in the UK. The foreign students coming to the UK must have a Tier 4 Student Visa. Ensure that you have the correct visa and paperwork done in advance. The easiest way to ensure is to check with a consultant at the immigration service or to speak with your course provider.

2. Registration at university

Registering yourself in a university is not a difficult process.  All you need to do is stay updated with the deadlines, check your emails for registration information, orientation dates as the university will keep you updated. Seek out for student discounts, there are many universities offering discounts to students in the UK. Keep an eye on the available discounts and do not be shy to avail them.

3. Accommodation

Before applying in UK, make sure you have done thorough research on accommodation or take reviews from students currently studying to find good options. Although there are plenty accommodation options for students in UK, speaking to current students as they can help you find the right place within your budget. Many international students living in UK have chosen hostels to live in. It is advisable to choose accommodation that suits your lifestyle and personality. Among international students, university halls are great options. You can obtain all the related information on the website.

4. Budgeting

If you are concerned about how to live in London as a student, plan your budget in advance. Check the prices for flights, tuition fees, accommodation, daily expenses, and so on. London is an expensive place to live, so start planning your budget ahead of time. It is up to you how you want your live in UK as many international students living in UK have shared chores and budgets with roommates.

5. Culture

Be careful of the new surroundings as the international student life in UK is quite different. Adapting to a new city in a new country can be difficult due to diverse cultural norms and laws. For example, Indian life in UK can be very different from UK or EU students as they have a different diet. But, you will find plenty of international students from all parts of the world. Immerse yourself in the UK cultural during your stay.

6. Join a society

A good tip for international students is to join university societies based on your interest. The societies offer a number of opportunities for sports enthusiasts with the outdoor sports such as cricket, football and rugby. In order to make the student life in London interesting, you can join societies to make new friends and enjoy your stay.

7. Working in the UK

If you want to work in the UK while studying, you have the option to do internships or work part-time. Unlike many countries, studying in the UK as a foreign student is a good option. In the European Union, employment laws are much more modest. Therefore, if you need to earn money to support your expenses, it is recommended to find a job. Make sure to read the guidelines because a student is not required to work more than 20 hours a week in the UK.

8. Student bank accounts

As a standard practice, every student studying in the UK needs to have a student bank account. Each bank features different offers and incentives for international students to persuade them to open an account. These bank accounts are aimed to offer students flexibility with their money. The flexibility can be in the form of grants, funds, and scholarships, etc. So, it’s worth opening a student bank account while you are studying in the UK.

That sums up our guide and tips for international students living in UK. Currently, the Brexit decision has caused students a lot of distraction regarding admission and working regulations. If you have a second thought, you can compare whether to study in UK or Australia. No wonder the student life in London is exciting and incredibly varied, and it has a lot to offer. As an international student in UK, you might also be interested in hostels in UK for accommodation purposes. Every student will have a different experience depending on the university, region, and locality. We hope with the help of these great tips you will be able to make your student life easy in London.