Studying for a Law degree in UK provides a comprehensive and critical understanding of the basic fundamental legal principles and practical skills. Students are taught the content of law and legal practices to gain knowledge and experience in the areas of disputes, litigation, and negotiations.

If you are a student wanting to pursue law as a career, you might know that the UK is the best option. UK has the most prestigious law universities with a guarantee of rewarding prospects for graduates. Do you intend to get a law degree and you are wondering where to study law in the UK?  Well, this is precisely our main goal in this article, and we have compiled a list of the best law schools in the UK.

5 Best Law Universities in UK – Updated 2020

1. University of Oxford

The oldest English language university in the world, the University of Oxford is also a worldwide leading centre in law studies. Studies in three-year undergraduate programs are largely focused on English law, but the four-year program includes one year in France, Germany, Italy, Spain (to study national law) or Holland (to study international law). 95% of graduates begin to start their professional or scientific career within six months after receiving a diploma, and their salaries are 20% higher than that of graduates from other British universities.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge leads the list of the best law universities in the UK. The faculty of law of this university offers modern and approachable teaching methods. Cambridge professors and visiting teachers give lectures on law and its history including European Union law, international private and public law, etc.  You can study BA, LLM Law, Masters in Corporate Law, and Doctor in Law. Among the graduates of Cambridge are the presidents of the UN International Court of Justice, judges of the European Court of Justice, members of the Court of Appeal. That is the reason that University of Cambridge is one of the best law universities in UK.

3. University of Bristol

There is no doubt about it; the University of Bristol is one of the largest and best law universities in the UK. The university has evolved as a leading UK law school, which provides premium quality undergraduate education to students with a guarantee of successful prospects and lucrative salaries. For those considering joining law school, the University of Bristol Law School offers a variety of programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Their undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to tailor their studies to suit your interests. They have well-established arrangements that give their students the privilege to be in great demand among legal and other employers.

4. The London School of Economics (LSE)

Fourth on the list of the best law universities in UK is the LSE University. It has traditionally been distinguished by an innovative approach to the study of legal sciences. Many modern legal disciplines first began to be taught in the LSE. For example, banking law, tax law, civil litigation, labour law, family law and many others. Modern Law Review was founded by LSE alumni and still has strong ties to the university. Some of the law courses to consider in LSE include LLB law, LLM Masters of Laws, PhD Law, and MSc Law and Accounting. LSE is recognized as the best university for law in the UK (Law League Table 2020).

5. Glasgow University

An excellent legal degree, a leading academic team, an active research community and a wide range of modern facilities make Glasgow one of the best law universities in UK. Your legal degree will give you a basic understanding of all kinds of law and will prepare you for a challenging professional career in a competitive legal industry. Glasgow offers degrees in Scotts law, Common Law, Corporate and Financial Law, International Commercial Law and in many other disciplines.  

Choose the Best University for Yourself

It is best to look at the overall ranking and reviews of law universities in UK before finalizing. Find the university offering the best degree program in the subject of your interest. Apart from looking at ranking, other factors to consider include the module offered by the university, tuition fees, accommodation expense, and commuting distance.

Every student is different and the factors that are important to you may be different for others. Thus it is up to you why you chose a particular university for studying in the UK for law degree.

Here we sum up our list of the top 5 law universities in UK. If you are looking for the best places to study, you can choose UK with Australia for remarkable learning experiences. For international students pursuing education in the UK can explore the tips for students living in London. We hope this blog helps you find a reputable law university to excel your academic opportunities.