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All you need to know about our Customer Friendly REFUND Policy

Our Flexible Refund Policy

Royal UK Essay Writers, we greatly value the trust of our customers and invests in our academic writing services. That is why we offer a refund or money-back guarantee in the following situations:

  • If you are not completely satisfied with the delivered paper, you can send a free revision request. In addition, if you have a good reason to prove that your work request is reasonable within 15 days (starting from the day you received your order), you can request a refund as per our refund policy.
  • Send us your version of the article (must be unique) to prove that the writer’s work does not meet your requirements. After you have provided us with the evidence, up to 100% of the payment can be reimbursed according to the decision of the disputes committee. Please note that as soon as you request a refund, the documents submitted to you will be offered for sale on the internet.
  • If you receive an academic document after the deadline, you can request a refund without a prior request for renewal.
  • If we have not transferred your research work to the writer on time, you will receive a full refund.

Terms and Conditions of Royal UK Essay Writers

Royal UK Essay Writers Company serves as an academic agency for qualified writers selling original works to clients. The customers will appoint us to search for a specialist in their field to evaluate studies and write a work for an agreed time in accordance with the provisions. 

  • We reserve full rights to accept or reject the order at our discretion and return the payment for it to the client as per our policies.
  • We offer affordable prices and quick delivery times on our website. If the customer does not receive the work in the allotted time period and agreed specifications, our company will refund any payment for this order.
  • If the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of work, we will offer appropriate available solutions as provided in this agreement.
  • Our customers should not directly contact experts. We are the only intermediary between clients and writers.

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Royal UK Essay Writers

Royal UK Essay Writers brings together a team of passionate and dedicated academic writers. Our team consists of young enthusiastic people who value innovation, creativity, good results and have a sense of responsibility for delivering top quality work. Our management has everything under control: from confirming orders to assigning it to a writer and submitting final assignment to students.

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