During this pandemic, which is affecting every aspect of human life, education is also influenced. Students are not getting a chance to learn in on-campus classes, so they can set up an online study group for learning. In this way, they can discuss, critique, and develop their understanding regarding a topic or course.

Apart from considering the drastic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we can focus on the opportunities while at home. We can also sort out the method through which we can make the most of this time. For instance, if we consider online learning then we should know that several institutions conduct online teaching for the convenience of foreign students. Its advantages include that it is less time-consuming and flexible as well.

Students do group study because they want to co-ordinate their issues with each other and it will also make their tasks easier when they divide their work. It also builds up their confidence for social interaction and their intellectual growth also occurs with this activity. Online group study is more beneficial for those individuals who are engaged in different activities, for instance, part-time jobs.

There are several ways to set up an online study group and multiple methods to carry it out in a productive manner. This article will make you aware of the basic methodology and will provide you exclusive ideas for online learning.

Techniques of Setting Up an Online Study Group

Awareness of the Platforms of Online Study

Before going to online group study students should be aware of the multiple software that is available for online academic communication. Some of those are paid software but many are free. The available applications are following:
• Zoom
• Google Hangouts
• Skype
• Cisco Webex
• Microsoft Teams
• Star Leaf
• Big Blue Button

These are the most facilitative applications for students who want to group study online. In some of the applications, the students get the benefit of having a face-to-face meeting, group meeting, and sharing documents. To have a productive group study online, the host of the meeting can invite other intellects online to join the meeting. The professionals at Royal UK Essay Writers suggest inviting the field experts to a study group to contribute learning and experience. The online meetings on those apps are encrypted so you can feel free to study online. These apps will not take much storage and it is not complicated to run these apps.

Decide What to Study in this Group?

Every intellectual activity has some purpose which the subjects of that process want to achieve as a profitable result. Therefore, every learner of the virtual study group should ask this question. It will make the group participants feel passionate and purposeful; it also persuades them towards the path of success. Following are the things that individuals can do to utilize their virtual study room constructively:

• They can do their study tasks in a friendly environment by taking suggestions from their friends.
• They can learn extra information by taking a lecture from the other participants of the group.
• They can learn the things which they haven’t focused on during their lectures.
• They can learn the additional skills of art, fine arts, cooking, gardening, and many more. In this way, they can share their talents, which enhances it and it will also make the individuals of that group, multitalented.

Timetable Settlement of the Online Study Group

This task is a bit complicated because everybody in the group looks for their convenience in case of time. For doing a virtual group study, you have to sketch out the schedule in an experimental manner. For instance, you can settle the timings at your convenience. After observing the number of participants, the individuals can change the schedule to provide the opportunity to every member. In this way, all the members of a group should also avail this opportunity in every possible way.

Helping Out Other Members

The main purpose of the online study group is to support every individual. If someone needs help, every individual should care about his responsibility to support others. There is a wide range of options for guiding others in this study group. For example, guiding with the help of a whiteboard through screen sharing in the Zoom app or presenting features with Google Hangouts.

Focus on Your Main Target in an Online Group Study

Whenever friends decide to do some gathering whether it is for study, they continue to waste their time. Most of the decided time is being utilized in doing nothing, except chattering. Therefore, it is one of the tips for online study with colleagues to have a strict host in your meeting room.

This host should be responsible for turning off the music or mics of those who are creating a disturbance. In this way, they will get to learn the basic reason for their meeting that they should familiarize themselves with some new information.

Sharing the Material in the Online Study Group

Most people believe that in an online study group they can just share their voice and video through a camera and mic. These people are not aware of the tools, which have made it quite easier to share the documents, to teach through a whiteboard, and many more. It is one of the online study tips to get familiar with these tools and productively utilize these tools. For instance; Write board, Diogo, Wikidot, and Note Mash to share notes and online documents.

Avoid the Grouping Based on Social Dynamics

Some of the people care about their gathering social values, and some do not focus on these unimportant aspects of the group study. One should not adopt these values, because their main concern should be on supporting the weaker ones.

End Words

Virtual study groups using online software are the best source to get connected online and discuss ideas to learn. The article gives you a brief description of the online platforms to discuss, develop and distribute online documents. There was an emphasis on helping each other learn and develop and utilize time instead of chattering. The virtual study groups will help you study online and focus on your academic goals which are not possible due to pandemic lockdown.

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