When it comes to research writing, there are a number of methods that can be used but it depends upon the type of research and context. Different types of research methods are applicable whether you are opting for a qualitative or a quantitative research. So read on to find out about different types of research methodologies that you can use in your next research.

What Is Research Methodology?

The research methodologies entail all the scientific work, whether an article or a project, it requires a scientific and systematic procedure of data collection, compilation, analysing, interpretation, and implication relating to any problem. This component has the responsibility to address all the procedures that need to be followed to conduct the research. More clearly, it is the technique that enables the writer to reach his objective regarding the project that he is performing.

To express the idea to the reader and to write it correctly, you need to know:

  • What will be the type of research used in the project?
  • What sources will be used (it is important that you have an idea of where and how you will get the information and references for your work?)

After choosing the topic, finding a problem, formulating hypotheses, defining a goal and building a justification, the student needs to present the research methodology that will be used in their study paper. In the methodology chapter of your research paper, you need to specify and discuss the types of research methodologies you will use. There are different types of research methodology that can be categorized according to the purpose and nature of the study and other elements.

Types of Research Methodologies

We will discuss the five main types of research methodologies.

Exploratory Research Method

When a student plans to investigate a particular subject but does not know to do it, he/she conducts exploratory research. With this research, he can find the research problem or question, for the most part, subjects with little or no previous study of it. Through this type of research, the students become familiar with the subject and make new discoveries. Since it is based on experimental research and practical applications, it has a significant contribution although it has a substantial margin of error.

In the explanatory method, the research explains the reason and why the phenomena, since you will deepen the knowledge explored in its theme. It is more focused on the physical and natural sciences. Exploratory research is usually conducted early in the research project. However, every time the student comes across an unfamiliar subject, they can put this methodology into practice to understand the problem. Finally, the exploratory study is characterized by having a flexible and unstructured research process. It analyses primary data, considering a small sample, in a generic qualitative approach.

Explanatory Research Method

The main concern of explanatory research is to classify the factors that contribute to the occurrence of a phenomenon i.e. what is the reason for it to happen. It is directly related to the experimental methods and helps to continue exploratory and descriptive research.

An explanatory research method gives a more detailed view of the topic. The student uses measures such as experimental research and using facts from the past. The level of complexity is much higher, as there are more chances of errors. Many students rely on explanatory research to enrich the content of the CBT. In general, the results seek to explain the “whys” of things more practically.

Descriptive Research Method

Descriptive research is one of the most used types of research methodologies in dissertations. This method observes, analyses, and records facts and phenomena, without leaving room for data manipulation. A study through data collection, such as the application of questionnaires, can be considered descriptive.

Descriptive research seeks to make a detailed and thorough analysis of the object of study, which may be a company, a population or a problem situation. There is an investment in collecting qualitative data, but what really matters in research is quantitative information such as age and educational level. Under no circumstances should the researcher interfere with the analysis of the collected data. He must describe processes, experiences and phenomena impartially.

The main characteristics of this type of study are:

  • The researcher has previous knowledge about the problem;
  • The hypotheses are more specific;
  • The data are structured, usually based on larger samples than exploratory research.

Literature Review

This type of research method stands out for summarizing all the existing information on a given topic, phenomenon, previously studied. The literature review, also known as bibliographic research, consists of the collection of data of which the research will be based. This is a mandatory step for all coursework completion work i.e., regardless of the approach chosen to present the paper, this item cannot be missed. There are a number of literature review types that serve different purposes in research. Some of the main objectives of the literature review are:

  • Find out if anyone has already answered the question proposed by the research;
  • Analyse whether it is worth repeating research whose objectives have already been clarified in another study;
  • Evaluate the methods used in similar studies.

Case Study

This type of research method involves a thorough investigation into some specific aspects on a given theme (individual, phenomenon, environment, etc.). This method is not just restricted to collecting theoretical information, but also observations and experiences.

The results acquired should not be generalized. That is, they cannot be used to represent all individuals, but only those who have been directly investigated. Studying a company-specific marketing campaign can be an example. The researcher should collect information through questionnaires, interviews, etc. Then, it should make a qualitative critique of the data collected, in order to find negative aspects, positive and other repercussions on the subject. This type of methodology is a widely adopted approach in business, social sciences as well as in health.

That’s all we have on the types of research methodologies you can use in your research work. Before choosing the type of methodology, you need to define your research project and in what ways you can do it through the types of studies. If you want to conduct a research for a dissertation, you can consider some simple tips to write a good dissertation that can excel your grades.